Not fast, just furious

Not fast, just furious

HKD 4,550.00

raised by 16 people

Millions of young people.  24 hours.  The end of slavery.

數以百萬計的年輕人。 24小時。奴隸制的結束。

What is Slavery?


Slavery includes human trafficking, forced and bonded labor, sex trade, debt bondage, and domestic servitude. Modern slavery is characterised by the denial of a basic freedom and human dignity when a victim is exploited for economic or personal gain.


(International Labour Organization, 2016)

The Fight


We are 'Not fast, just furious', and we are running in the 24 Hour Race 2016 to fight against modern-day slavery.  We need your help in our mission, which has united students and youth groups across four major cities – Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul – to come together annually and run the 24 Hour Race. Us coming together is a symbolic move and stands as a connected/united bellowing rejection of one of the most despicable and abhorrent illicit industries: Slavery.

我們是 ‘Not fast, just furious’,我們將參與24小時競賽2016以打擊現代奴隸制。我們需要您的幫助。24小時競賽團結了四個亞洲地區的學生和青年團體,舉辦競賽的城市包括,香港,新加坡,吉隆坡和首爾。透過這項活動,我們聯手協助受害者擺脫奴隸身分。

The 24 Hour Race is Asia’s largest student-led initiative. Since its inception in 2010, Running To Stop The Traffik has become a government registered charity, it raised HK$6.4 million, and involved more than 1,500,000 youths.  Achievements through money raised from previous Races include reaching out to 4,000 slaves.

24小時競賽今為亞洲最大規模的學生主導的活動,於2010年成立後,Running To Stop The Traffik成為了政府註冊的慈善機構,一共籌集了640萬港元,累積超過150萬青年踴躍參與。集合早年籌得的金額,主辦機構成功於亞洲向4,000個受害者伸出援手。

However, this fight is far from over...


Our Goal


Our beneficiaries this year are Right4Children and The Exodus Road (please click).  We are mainly supporting:

今年的收益機構包括Right4ChildrenThe Exodus Road (請點擊):

Right4Children’s FAB Hospitality School and Community Development Project, which will go towards a vocational training school in rural communities to educate them on the mass guises, facades, and consequences of slavery.


(Right4Children, 2016)

The Exodus Road’s Search and Rescue Program focuses on rescuing victims of human trafficking and relocating them to aftercare shelters.

The Exodus Road配合當地警方的搜索和救援計劃,重點拯救人口販賣中的受害者,並將他們遷移到鄰近庇護所。

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Date and time: 19th November, 2016 (Saturday) 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. the next day

活動日期和時間:2016年11月19日(星期六)清晨 9:00 至翌日(星期日)清晨 9:00

Route: Lugard Road, The Peak


Target fundraising amount: $16,000 HKD


Our team consists of the following passionate runners dedicated to this cause:


  1. Eunice Chow

  2. Samantha Lau

  3. Natalie Leung

  4. Clarissa Lui

  5. Winnie So

  6. Tivona Thach

  7. Sabrina Wong

  8. Lis Yeung

This year, the race aims to raise HK$3.2 million with doubling the amount compared to 2015. We hope to be able to make a difference in breaking the cycle of chains.


Take Action


Now we would like to invite you to join the fight.  How can you help?



Donate any amount you wish on this page, and know that your money will go towards the fight against slavery.


Share this message and spread awareness wherever and whenever you can.


Please visit for more information regarding the race!


Thank you!


Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 5,730.00 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!