Miracle Baby David Needs Your Help for Another One

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SGD 8,026.44

raised of SGD 120,000.00 goal

to Vennith Pineda
Vennith Pineda is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Update as of July 24, 2017:  Thank you for all your help so far! We are so grateful for another miracle as Baby David has been moved out of the neonatal ICU into the nursery care unit since July 12. He now weighs 2.55 kilos but he is still on 2L of oxygen on nasal cannula and(on naso gastric tube). 

This means that his medical bills won't reach 300,000 SGD anymore, it will only be up to 100,000-120,000 SGD! We realize that this is still a huge amount so we are continuing to ask for your support. :)


On June 3, 2017, my nephew, baby David, was born prematurely at only 5 months old, weighing a mere 960 grams.

Baby David has to stay in the NICU until he is able to reach at least 1.8 kilos and breathe normally on his own without any oxygen support. Thus, his medical bill has already reached almost $80,000 for his first 32 days there. Initially, the doctor advised that he would have to stay in the NICU for 3 months and the medical bill could go up to as high as $300,000, hence, we're seeking help to raise approximately $300,000 to save Baby David

The story of his birth is nothing short of a miracle. His mother (who is my sister), who was here in Singapore when this happened, unexpectedly felt labor pains and had no choice but to give birth to him at my home without any medical help. When I reached home shortly after, I thought the baby was already dead but he suddenly moved his arm!

We rushed him to the Emergency Room of KK Hospital but by then, it was already almost one hour since he was born. They gave him a CPR and moved him to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Since premature babies’ lungs are not yet fully formed, the doctors said it was a miracle that the baby was still alive since he had no oxygen supply for almost an hour.

However, my sister has literally no means to pay for these hospital bills. She is currently unemployed and still has five other children to fend for in the Philippines. One of her children even has Rheumatic Heart Disease.

As my sister also had to be admitted in the hospital for less than 12 hours, I used my savings and got help from my colleague to pay her medical bills amounting to $3,200.  However, I do not yet have any means to pay all of Baby David’s medical bills. I do not have much savings as I send back most of my salary monthly to my 5-year old son and to my parents in the Philippines.

Today, Baby David continues to fight for his life at the NICU and we are truly encouraged by his progress. As of July 6, within a month from his birth, he has already grown to weigh 1.455 kilos which is less than a kilo away from the target weight of 1.8 kilos!

His capacity to breathe on his own has also been improving day by day beyond our expectations. His need for oxygen supply has decreased from being intubated for 1.5 days to 21% on CPAP for a month to now only 1 liter on nasal cannula of oxygen. Because of his progress, we’ve been told that it is possible that he can be transferred from the NICU to the general ward sooner than initially estimated if he continues improving!

From the moment he was born to each passing day he continues to live and grow is truly a testament that miracles really do happen. If your heart would be so touched by his story, we humbly invite you to take part in the miracle of keeping Baby David alive by any means you may have.

Thank you very much and may you be immensely blessed for your generosity :)

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 5,650.00 from other sources.