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Kishore Shetty is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Hello, my name is Kishore. I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd, and a  father to a 5 month old baby girl. We are reaching out on this platform because we have exhausted all our resources and need your help to save our baby.


Our daughter has a history of hypotonia, a state of low muscle strength. She underwent various tests like MRI for spine, nerve conduction and ultrasound for the spine so far. However the results remaine inconclusive. Except for muscle weakness, she has been a healthy kid.

Current situation

On the 12th of April, my wife found that the baby was not responding and hence we had to call an ambulance. She was brought to children emergency room at KK hospital, Singapore by SCDF ambulance at 4.45am. She was attended in resuscitation room. We were informed that she had severe respiratory distress with abdominal breathing. She was intubated and put in Child Intensive Care Unit (CICU). She was diagnosed with febrile status epilepticus secondary to E.coli urinary tract infection and parainfluenza positive pneumonia.

After being admitted into CICU, her seizures ceased. She was put on a maintenance dose of Phenobarbitone 5mg/kg/day. She was given antibiotics for infection. A lumbar puncture was done on 13th April to screen for bacterial growth and results were negative. She was also screened for metabolic disorders with amino acids and results were negative.  

Using mechanical ventilation under high pressure, when the doctors attempted to clear the secretion accumulated in her right lung, it resulted in air leak from her left lung. This worsened her condition as the doctors had to constantly clear the air accumulated outside her lung in the chest region. She was under mechanical ventilation for many days and the infection was not under control, as it kept switching between right and left lungs. Doctors stated that once the infection is under control, the settings of the ventilator can be changed to reduce the percentage of oxygen, slowly bringing it down to 21%. They tried to reduce the ventilator support and were hopeful of taking it off completely. Finally, on 28th April, they attempted to take her off the ventilation support. However she was unable to breath without ventilation support and we were informed that she required long term ventilation support.

On 28th April, senior doctors suggested that we shift her to India for long term treatment. The only option to shift her to a hospital in India was to use an Air ambulance, as she needed to be kept under mechanical ventilator. She also required constant supervision by a doctor / nurse at all time. We inquired many companies and finally made an agreement with EMA global hi-flying air ambulance, ST Aerospace Pacific Flight Services. They quoted SGD 65,000 for the transfer from the hospital in Singapore to the hospital in India. She was shifted to Father Muller Medical College & Hospital, Mangalore by air ambulance on 1st May. She is currently in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Father Muller’s Hospital.

Under the insurance benefits provided by the companywe are working at, we are entitled to claim SGD 10,000 for ICU and SGD 22,000 for hospitalization. However, the insurance company is still deciding on our case citing they cannot cover for congenital defects. Hence there is no guarantee that the claim will be successful unless we get a positive response from the insurance company. Furthermore, we are not entitled to any medical subsidy/grants.

We incurred a cost of SGD 65,000 for the air ambulance to fly her from Singapore to India which we cleared by exhausting our saving and securing financial assistance from relatives, friends and colleagues. In addition, we have an outstanding amount of SGD 75,556 at KK hospital, Singapore, which is not the final bill. The total cost till now is SGD 140,556 and the medical expenses are still increasing everyday.

At this stage as a final resort, we’re reaching out to you to extend any possible help that will assist us through this turbulent period. Please help us save our baby. We shall be eternally grateful for any help financially or otherwise.