Please help my brother

Please help my brother

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Dear Donors,  

My name is Lili. My family is currently going through a painful journey with the critical conditions of my the only 28-year-old elder brother Lie Afrianto (Pao-Pao).

The entire ordeal began on the 18th of July when my brother was admitted to hospital in the small city called Tembilahan near my rural hometown in Indonesia due to persistent high fever which never subsided even after prolonged dose of medication and antibiotics. After 4 days of being hospitalized, he started to lose his ability to speak as well as movement and sensation in the right side of his body. As the hospital in Tembilahan lacks of the necesarry facilities to properly diagnosed his condition, doctors suggested to transfer him to Santa Maria hospital in Pekanbaru city, Indonesia on July 25th evening.. After 7 hours of ambulance ride, the next morning, doctor was finally able to diagnose that my brother sustained an infarction/ischaemic stroke which affects the left side of his brain. By reviewing the CT scan result, doctor also informed us of the severity of his condition and my family had to make a difficult decision of evacuating him to Mount Elizabeth Singapore. 

At Mount E hospital, the result of MRI scan revealed that blood clot formed in one of the carotid artery had completely cut off blood supply to his left brain. At this point, my family was devastated to find out that the chances for him to recover his speech and motoric functions on the right side of his body is extremely slim and he is likely to be bed-ridden for the rest of his life due to the extensive brain damage caused by the stroke. However, my family refused to give up hope and remained to have positive outlook on his recovery. The cardiologist also diagnosed that his heart valves are damaged causing regurgitation and eventually formed blood clot. His heart conditions are likely the root cause of the stroke. The damaged heart valves had also caused life-threatening bacterial infection known as infective endocarditis to develop in his heart which further complicates the circumstance. Doctor advised that the infection should be treated first with antibiotics which would be administered intravenously for 4-6 weeks, before proceeding with a heart surgery to replace the defective heart valves. 

After days of medication, my brother started to exhibit signs of improvement and he even went through a couple of therapy sessions in the hope to recover some speech and movement in his right limbs. We were quite happy with this small improvement and kept in the hope for his recovery.. But, on the 6th of August, his condition took a turn for the worse as he suddenly suffered from multiple seizures and began to lose consciousness. After few hours stayed in HDU, he had to be transferred again to the ICU as his condition was unstable and his heart rate as well as oxygen level fluctuates. After a CT and MRI scan of his brain, doctor discovered that new minor stroke has developed in the right side of his brain. Doctor suggested to proceed with the heart valve replacement surgery once his condition is relatively stable so we have no options as its to prevent further stroke which can cause a total brain damage and function.

As of the time of writing, my brother has not regained his consciousness, battling for his life in ICU.. His open heart surgery has been scheduled to be today, 15th of August. To date, the medical expenses incurred for my brother's treatment has reached $112k (exclude doctor's fee) and the heart valve replacement surgery alone has been estimated to cost $80k. Moving forward, after the heart valves are replaced, he likely would remain in the hospital to recover and to undergo treatment for endocarditis and stroke. As such, the hospital bill is expected to accumulate even more. Without insurance, my family is facing a financial distress due to the heavy financial burden.

I would like to appeal to the general public for any kind donation to help my family to afford the medical care for my brother. I also would like to ask for your thoughts and prayers for my brother and my family to get through this very difficult time. No amount is too small for us. Thank you for reading and for your generous donations..

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