Please Help My Father Mr Wan Chin Hay

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This movement has ended successfully

SGD 17,440.50

raised of SGD 100,000.00 goal

Rachel Wan is a Family member of the beneficiary.

My name is Rachel and I would like to seek help on behalf of my father, Mr Wan Chin Hay. I am trying to raise funds for my father as he needs to frequent the hospital and our family savings is depleted.

As you can see from the photos, our family is not well to do. We are really asking for any help that we can get. We hope to raise about $100k, no amount is too small for us. The funds collected will be used to help my father pay for his current medical bills, future hospital visits and medical bills, his daily expenses and to improve the living condition in the house for my father.

My father had a stroke sometime back which caused him to have swallowing difficulty now so doctors recommended tube feeding. Tube feeding is feeding food via a tube inserted into the stomach via the nose or mouth.

Each of my father's hospital visit easily total up to about $2000 with all the services like ward charge class c, daily treatment fee class c, laboratory investigations, x-ray and rehabilitation services after government subsidies.

Currently, my father's wheelchair is also not in a good condition. As you can see from the photos, the left side of the wheel rubber has gone missing and the right foot rest is also missing. The missing right foot rest resulted my father's feet to be dragging along the floor when the wheelchair is moving. A tiny part of the funds will be used to purchase a lightweight wheelchair for my father.

The living condition for our house is also rundown and we barely have the basic necessities. 

This is the one and only time we are asking for help. We were recommended to try out to raise the funds we need desperately.

We sincerely hope that you can help us in anyway possible, feel free to donate any amount or help us to spread the word so that we can raise enough funds.

Words can never express our gratitude and thanks for every donated amount or for helping us to share the campaign to people whom you know will be able to help us.

Dear kind souls and benefactors, thank you very much for reading our plea.