Please help my sister!

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This movement has ended successfully

SGD 24,021.00

raised of SGD 38,000.00 goal

Evelyn Chen is a Family member of the beneficiary.


Karen is my sister. She is 30 years-old and is the eldest among 4 siblings. Our parents open a small grocery shop in our hometown in Sabah to raise us up and currently still supporting youngest sister who is studying. 

My sister helps out at the store as my parents are getting old. Unfortunately, our father is also a prostate cancer patient. 


My sister was diagnosed with Stage 2 left leg epitheloid sarcoma in December 2015 and completed 33 cycles of radiotherapy to finally be in cancer remission in May 2016. As a cancer survivor, she has lived cherishing her body and valued her life dearly.

It was all good... until Feb 2017, when the same site got badly infected. It grew bigger and bigger, deeper and deeper and she had consulted various doctors ranging from GPs to specialists in Sabah for the past 4 months, but only got worse and worse. 


My sister had also sought hospitalisation in a reputable hospital in Sabah when she ran a fever from the infection and the pain was too excruciating to bear. There were conflicting assessments about the wound and the medical staff had tried all kinds of treatments from doing debridement, giving her antibiotics to even the most painful platelet-rich plasma injections into the wound but the condition only got bigger, redder and deeper. Those who know my sister will know that she is a very positive person and has high endurance levels. But yet, this experience was described as the most torturous beyond any thinking.

It was a difficult decision to come to Singapore to seek medical treatment due to financial constraints, but having endured the really bad pain for the past 2 months, to the point that she cannot sleep but could only cry at night because panadol didn't work, we really desperately need her to consult and be treated by her oncologist surgeon in Singapore.


Since her cancer diagnosis, the insurance company gave her a lump-sum payout of RM$100,000 and dropped her from the policy. This amount was already spent on curing her cancer.  She has raised RM$8,000 from relatives and friends to come to Singapore this time. We need your help to raise SGD 20,000 for Karen's medical treatment.


Currently we really need to save her leg before it cannot be salvaged - and certainly not her life either. She has really tried and went through a lot, exhausting all other resources and options, before we reach this stage to seek help here. 

We have been advised by her doctor that she will need a few surgeries including wound debridement and flap surgery in the coming weeks.

I really sincerely appeal to you to help raise $20,000 (estimated bill size as of 01/07/2017) for her medical treatment here. We appreciate any amount of donation ^^

Thank you for your attention and compassion on her.

<UPDATE> NUH has updated us the estimated bill size from debridement to flap surgery is $38,000 (as of 04/07/2017). We are hoping that there will be no complication in the surgery. 

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 3,000.00 from other sources.