Please help our beloved and caring mom fight Lupus

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SGD 13,956.00

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to Muthita Anankaphannan
Gift Muthita Anankaphannan is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Please help our beloved and caring mom fight Lupus - a life threatening autoimmune disease. We need to raise $90,000 (USD) to pay for a combination of her current/future hospital bills, medication and therapy. You can give her the chance to walk again and to battle Lupus long enough to see her young grandchildren grow up in relative comfort.

Our mum is 64 years old and has dedicated her life to ensuring that her children were given opportunities that she wasn’t. If she wasn’t at home caring for her for her three young daughters, she was working two jobs in order to pay school fees (education is not free in Thailand). Time after time she overlooked her own needs in order to prioritise those of other people - often in spite of considerable ill-health.

Normally, our body’s immune system protects us from diseases and infections, however, for lupus sufferers like our mom, it mistakenly attacks healthy tissue and organs. The symptoms can be highly damaging and very painful: in the fifteen years since she was diagnosed, our mom has endured chronic pain and has undergone multiple surgeries on her hands. Of greater concern is the invisible, accumulated damage to her major organs, which has proven to be significant.

Our family thought that it couldn’t get any worse, but in March 2017, lupus suddenly attacked our mom’s major organs aggressively; she was rushed to hospital and soon transferred to intensive care. Her lungs collapsed and filled with fluid, causing dangerously low levels of blood oxygen (this meant that even lying down she felt like she was suffocating); her heart was operating at 50% of the capacity it should have, she suffered kidney failure and her digestive system became infected, swelling painfully and then stopped functioning altogether.

As a family, we saw her suffer a series of ‘attacks’, which left her gasping for air, sweating profusely and feeling agonising stomach pain. 

During the next 7 weeks in intensive care, she was kept alive using a ventilator, whilst doctors desperately battled the lupus on several fronts and tried to prevent further organ damage. The seriousness of the situation was obvious and we were told by the doctors to prepare for the worst.

As a family, we were in a state of horrified disbelief - how could our mum go from cooking dinner for us one day, to fighting for her life in the space of three days?

Two excruciating months later, thanks to the brilliance of the team of six specialist doctors, our mom’s lungs and heart had regained enough strength to transfer her to a regular hospital ward. To our delight, after a few weeks between ICU and hospital ward, she was granted her wish to continue treatment at home with the help of a full-time specialist nurse. It’s still a long road to recovery as she is still unable to walk and has not regain her usual bladder function. She also needs constant oxygen support and a feeding tube (unable to eat/drink on her own).

To have our mom home feels amazing for the whole family; sadly though, we know that the respite from lupus is only temporary. 

The disease is incurable and at some point it will strike her hard again: our mom will have to return to hospital for treatment. What the doctors managed to do to save her life was incredible, but there is no getting away from the fact that such treatment is very expensive indeed. To put it in context, just one week of medical care in the ICU costs $4,800(USD).

Cruelly, because she has been battling lupus for 15 years, it is classed as a pre-existing medical condition and therefore it is not covered by her health insurance. We’ve exhausted our funding from our house that we mortgage to  support our mom’s medical expenses. She will still need continuous hospital treatments, ventilator at home, specialist nurse, ongoing physiotherapy and an array of different medications. We will continue to do everything to ensure that our mom receives the best possible treatment, but this is a lifelong battle and we need help.

Our mom is still relatively young and given that she has already sacrificed so much for others, we want to raise $90,000 (USD) so that she can achieve her one remaining dream: to see her young grandchildren grow and to care for them. All donations are gratefully received - no amount is too small - your generosity will go a long way to helping the kindest person we have ever known.

Note: GIVE.ASIA does not charge a direct fee (there is an option to make direct donations to GIVE) and we only get charged credit card processing fees. If you're a close friend/family and would like to make direct donations into Thai / Singapore bank account or PayPal, do reach out to me or my sisters (Joyce and Ja) directly. Thank you very much.

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 16,000.00 from other sources.