Please save my son Yang Chi

Please save my son Yang Chi

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Lu Aiqin is a Founder of the beneficiary.

Hello, my name is Lu Aiqin, I come from Jiangshan, Zhejiang. 

My son, Yang Chi, has been diagnosed as neuroblastoma in Apr’2017. He has completed a course of treatment in Hangzhou but the result was not ideal. In May’2017 we transferred him to Beijing Children Hospital and continued 4 courses of treatment (Usually need to complete 4 courses of treatments before operation and 3 courses of treatments afterward). However, the assessment stated the tumor didn’t shrink, failed to meet the surgical conditions. Beijing’s experts advised us to come to Singapore for treatment.

On 12th Aug, our family arrived in Singapore and we dragged our luggages directly headed to Mount Elizabeth Hospital to do body assessment check for Yang Chi. Luckily, the result turns to be better than doctor’s expectation. The doctor provided the following treatment plan: Total 5 courses of treatments. Start operation after 2 course of treatment, chemotherapy for 3 courses of treatment after the operation, then followed by transplant, radiotherapy. And It will be more effective together with immunotherapy.  We have tried to ask NUH as we thought it would be cheaper, however, since we’re foreigner, the cost is about the same, and NUH doesn’t have any vacancy for Yang Chi, and that will delay the treatment, so we choose to stay at Mount Elizabeth instead.

Currently Yang Chi has completed the 1st course of treatment - Autologous stem cell collection. 

The 2nd course of treatment will be on 7th Nov, third one will be on 29th Nov.On 20th Dec He will be sent to sterile room for transplant. As per estimate, he needs to stay inside for 20 days. And in Jan’2018 we will book appointment for radiotherapy. 

Before the operation the doctor has told us no need to perform operation if we don’t do transplant, because the recurrence rate will be as high as 80%-90% if the transplant is not done. With transplant, the cure rate is 60%, and it can be much higher if it’s complete together with immunisation.

Up to now, domestic treatment has cost tens of thousands SGD. We have also spent about SGD 200,000 in Singapore. Follow-up chemotherapy, transplantation, radiotherapy, retinoic acid cost SGD 190,000 and immunisation costs about SGD 400,000; a total of SGD 590,000 is needed. 

Both of my husband and I are just normal workers who don’t earn a lot. We do not have any savings. The only valuable thing is our house. We sold our house plus borrowed fund, we still need about SGD 590,000 for the treatments. 

Along the way, though the little child has suffered a lot, he is very brave and sensible. He has experienced far beyond his age…As parents, we know that through this treatment, he’ll recover, but if we’re restricted by funds, and we’ll not able to provide him with treatment, we’ll be very sad. He’s the only reason we’re hanging on no matter how difficult the situation is, and priority is for him to recover.

Please help this little child, Yang Chi. Hope one day we go thought this situation, overcome the sickness, I will continue pass down the love to help those in need within my ability.

All the fund raised through this campaign will be paid directly to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and it will not come to us, which is what we truly want, to provide him with the treatment he needs.

Thank you for your kindness.