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Hello world!

My name is Baby Vanden, and thank you in advance for reading my story.


I was born premature weighing only 900 grams, not because I want to come out early, but the water bag burst in my mother’s womb, but that also leads to a lot of complications for me.

Unfortunately, I had to stay in the incubator for the first few months as I’m premature. Being such little size and weight, I must go through multiple X-Rays and MRI scans to determine what’s wrong with me. Though I’m just an infant, I can feel scared because I go through the pain whenever I go for check-up, and multiple doctors came and see me but they don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Fortunately, a good doctor by the name of Dr David Low, Head Consultant Pediatric Neurosurgery has discovered my symptoms, and shared with my parents that I’m suffering from post-infectious Hydrocephalus with multiple brain cysts. He further explained that my brain has suffered severe damages from the infection and will be highly depending on my parents in my entire life and must go through numerous medical follow up in future even if those surgical procedures are successful. For every surgery, I’m going through, there’s bound to have risk especially for my infant age.

My parents broke down after hearing my situation, though I cannot speak, but I want them to be strong as I will be strong enough to pull through these ordeal, and I will be strong enough to go through the multiple surgeries plan for me. I have faith in myself and I have faith in my parents too!

During these difficult times, I’ve managed to pull through six evasive surgeries within the period of four months, and thanks to my parents who are always there for me, giving me care 24/7, and hoping I will recover and grow up to be a strong boy.

My parents came from the middle-class family, and because of my conditions, my mother must take care of me 24/7, which leaving only my father as the sole bread winner for the family. Of course, my medical bills had been rocketed since the day I was born into this world, resulting with a huge sum of close to $140,000 in surgery fees.

Till now, I’m still unable to feed on milk the normal way, and will continue to rely on the NJ tube that’s inserted above my stomach for my milk feeding. I have been very diligently taking in small amount of milk through oral feeding, and hopefully I can cope with my digestion system.

I am fortunate to have such good parents that did not give up on me, and offer me the best medical facility they can find in Singapore to keep me alive, but that also resulted in heavy medical expenses, and I know they are in debt to the hospital.

If I can speak, I would urge those that can afford to spare some thoughts and help my parents, and I really hope the public can come to my parent’s rescue, and I truly appreciate your contribution. No amount is too small to help my parents for my medical bills, and I promised to be strong and will pull through this difficult times.

I will have continuous check up with the hospital moving forward, and please continue to pray for me.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly,

Baby Vanden