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Brandon Kwok is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.


Project Vitalize is a CITI-YMCA youth-for-causes project that is working with the Diabetic Society of Singapore to raise funds as well as public awareness for diabetes. We do this by carrying out street sales, flash mobs, school talks, concerts, social media publicity and much more.


With your heartfelt donations, we can help to make a big difference in the lives of diabetic patients. The DSS carries out numerous events such as the Diabetes Management & Care Programme which aims to assist those with diabetes to manage their conditions to prevent complications such as kidney failure stroke, blindness, amputation & cardiovascular disease. Other programmes also run by the DSS include the Diabetes Outreach and Awareness Programme and the Diabetes Support Group programme, which Project Vitalize is heavily involved in. These are just some of the many programmes that DSS run on limited funding, so your donations can really go a long way!

Click here to find out more about the Diabetic Society of Singapore!


Project Vitalize aims to raise up to $20,000 in total from streetsales and our different fund raising events. Of which, we hope to raise $5,000 from this donation platform, so please do show your support! All proceeds donated here will go directly to the Diabetic Society of Singapore.


Do drop us an email at (email hidden) with your contact details so we can contact you to deliver your complimentary merchandise, or if you have any other queries. You can also find us on Instagram (@projectvitalize), on Facebook (Project Vitalize) as well as on Youtube (Project Vitalize).

Thank you for your support!