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The 24 Hour Race is the largest youth movement in Asia. Since 2010, the 24 Hour Race has engaged more than 1,500,000 youths and raised more than HKD 6.5 million for anti-human trafficking causes.

This year’s beneficiaries for the Hong Kong 24 Hour Race are Right4Children and The Exodus Road.

Right4Children focuses on the prevention and long term change aspect of battling human trafficking. They do this through various projects ranging from hotel training programs to earthquake rebuilding. They focus on helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, which includes former trafficking victims. Right4Children acknowledges the ease in which rescued trafficking victims tends to go back to traffickers as they face many hardships during their reintegration into society - they have most likely missed many crucial years of education making it hard for them to find jobs, and they also have to face social stigma.

The Exodus Road’s main focus is on intervention in the form of rescue missions. This means freeing trafficked individuals through legal means with the help of the local police force and government. The reason for this is that they know their raids have more of an impact when they are supported by the law. They also aim to prosecute traffickers which acts as a deterrent to other traffickers - this leads to a knock on effect on the trafficking industry as an increased chance of conviction increases the danger of trafficking.

From 9AM on the 19th to 9AM on the 20th of November, we will be engaging in a relay-style endurance race. Prior to the race, we will be advocating and encouraging people to donate to this important cause.

*All funds raised  will go towards anti-slavery programs.

We are one of the 5 teams from Renaissance College participating in the 24 Hour Race this year.

Please support us! -- to end the modern day slavery.

  • Maelle Picut
  • Veronica Wong
  • Mai Sato
  • Kristy Tong
  • Jesse Godlieb
  • Patrick Yau
  • Xavier Luk
  • Jasper Chu

Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 7,258.10 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!