Restoring my kidneys functions

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Elle MacPherson is a Founder of the beneficiary.

My name is Balkhis. I am 41 yrs old.I know abt my kidneys prob since I am 26 yrs old. I have uploaded a short of video of myself. I am currently in Shijizhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. I am in the building where all the international Kidney patients are here to seek treatment. I am on CKD4(chronic kidney disease level4) right now. I got to know this hospital through google+ and Dr Angus and one of the Prof came down to meet me before I make this trip. I arrived here on 15th Jul. When I uploaded this campaign, it is my 4th day here. My results just came in yesterday and today. From the result of ultrasound, my kidneys have shrunk to 8.4cm and 8.3 cm respectively. Normal should be bet 10 to 12cm. My kidney function is at 20%. The fortunate part I do not have any protein leakage thru my urine and also all my other organs is functioning normally. Now experiencing high uric acid at 517. Having frequent gout attack. Having arithitis.  After much discussion, they have recommended Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. What they do is they will take this particular cell  that help in the regeneration of the kidney cells from an umblical cord and cultured it to produce billions of new cells to replace the damage and dead cells in my kidneys. Once the culturing reach it's maturity, it will be inserted to my body thru intravemous. It will flow into my blood stream. This process require stringent and precision work  This will prolong the usage of my kidneys and their functions. Both my parents were kidney patients and been caring for them in total for 20yrs. My dad just passed away in Feb this yr . I i am still recovering from the mental and financial exhaustion from caring for them.  To know that I will be going for dialysis within less than 2yrs is heart wrenching. I hope you can help me to lead a normal life from now on. I appeal for your generosity to help fund for this treatment. Any amount is appreciated. I will continue to upload pics of the treatment process, medication that I am taking. This will gv you more understanding of what is being done here.