Run for HOME: Joanne, Isabel, Jannah and Nancy

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SGD 7,400.00

raised of SGD 8,000.00 goal

Isabel Phua is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

This has always been the mantra for both Joanne and Isabel – to speak up and to defend those who cannot do it for themselves. In the last 2 months of 2017, two good friends are coming together to raise funds for HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics), a charity that works for the well-being, justice and empowerment of migrant workers.

Having built friendships with Indian, Indonesian, and Bangladeshi migrant workers through the years and even visited their families in the villages back home, Joanne and Isabel believe that these workers are more than a statistic. 

Like any of us, they too have their own dreams and aspirations for their lives and families. They come to Singapore, expectant and motivated, with the hopes of building those dreams. Yet, they are unaware of the harsh reality. 

From dangerous housing conditions such as overcrowded dormitories, to unpaid wages, to life-threatening work injuries and unscrupulous bosses – many of these workers have faced some form of injustice in their time in Singapore. Sadly, assistance is often inaccessible to them, help is often delayed, and at times a hand is not even extended.  

One of the heart wrenching moments is when they met a 22-year old Bangladeshi worker who was caught in a workplace accident. The gas accumulated in the underground water tank he was instructed to clean and it exploded when he turned on the lamp, causing him to suffer 3rd degree burns on 73% of his body and had to spend 6 months in the hospital recovering. As much as he would like laser treatment to reconstruct his skin, he is unable to because of limited finances. What if he had what you had – how would it be different?

Why should it be different?


Joanne and 2 Filipino sisters (Isabel is helping with the publicity), Jannah and Nancy, will be running 42km in the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon on 3 December 2017.

When they first met Jannah and Nancy, Joanne and Isabel's fitness levels were really put to shame. These two sisters are regular full marathon runners and have even participated in dragonboat races through Race2Share! 

With regard to what motivates them to run, Nancy shares: "Running is the only way I can help my fellow sisters who are working in Singapore." Despite the rigorous training, the shared vision to raise funds and enrich the lives of precious brothers and sisters who are migrant workers and domestic workers - this is what makes the training and run worth it.

In light of International Migrants Day happening on 18 December and through Run for HOME, Joanne, Isabel, Jannah and Nancy aim to raise at least S$8,000 to continue HOME's work. The funds raised will be used to support and strengthen HOME’s domestic worker shelter, helpdesks, as well as economic empowerment activities. This campaign will end on 31 December.


Let's create a culture of justice in Singapore together, where all lives are seen with equal dignity and worth, valued for who they are. Please donate generously to support HOME’s work, and further their vision in creating an inclusive society that stands for justice, fairness and equality!

More updates coming soon!