Run to Unlabel - Raising Awareness for Down Syndrome

Run to Unlabel - Raising Awareness for Down Syndrome
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SGD 4,840.00

raised by 69 people

UPDATE 3 [9:30 AM, THURSDAY, 5 JAN 2017]

With the donations raised from this campaign and deducting the calendar printing cost ($2,880), we have a balance of $1,832.19 which will be donated to Down Syndrome Association (Singapore).

A screenshot of the printing invoice is shown below:

UPDATE 2 [1:30 PM, SATURDAY, 5 NOV 2016]

We have received the donations! Once again, on behalf of the Run To Unlabel team, I thank you for your love and generosity! 

A total of $4,840.00 was collected from this campaign and $4,712.19 was transferred to us (minus the 2-5% fee that Stripe charges to cover the credit card fees). 

A screenshot of the four deposits transferred from Stripe is shown below:

A breakdown of each transfer and the Stripe charges for credit card donations is shown below:

A screenshot of the four deposits and the dates of transfers into my account (appointed for this fundraising purpose) is shown below:

UPDATE 1 [10:09 AM, THURSDAY, 27 OCT 2016]

We are overwhelmed by the love and support all of you have shown in our fundraising! We exceeded our fundraising target in less than 3 days! Thank you for helping us to raise enough funds to print the calendars and start our Down Syndrome Awareness project!

As such, we will be ending the "Run To Unlabel" fundraising campaign tonight (23:59 pm, Thursday 27 Oct 2016). If you would like to support us with your donations, please do so before the campaign ends. Thanks! After deducting the cost of printing the 1000 calendars, we will donate the remaining amount to Down Syndrome Association (Singapore). 

Our runners will continue to clock the distances based on the donations received. Do check out our updates at: 


An abstract from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) website reads:

"Down syndrome is the most common genetic cause of severe learning disabilities in children affecting in one in every 700 babies. There is no medical cure for this condition. However, an improved understanding of Down syndrome and early interventions have improved the quality of life of both children and adults with Down syndrome." 

For the first time, a group of individuals, some of whom are parents of children with Down syndrome (DS), are coming together to raise awareness of the needs, abilities, and potential of persons with DS. We seek to drive inclusivity in all areas through sharing the stories of our children with DS.

The Down syndrome Awareness project was initiated by some mothers who have children with DS. These mothers seek to share their personal experiences - from being first told of their children’s diagnosis, finding care and medical support, to seeking suitable pre-school and childcare arrangements. In general, many physicians, educators and members of the public are unaware of just how similar children with DS are, to typically developing children. Possibly due to outdated pre-conceptions from past experiences and publications, many are still stereotyping persons with Down syndrome as incapable, difficult and/or stubborn. These labels, among others, placed unfairly on children with DS, will only disadvantage them and prevent them from living life to its fullest potential.


[Picture: Sample page of the calendar 2017 as part of the Down syndrome Awareness project]


These calendars will be given free at hospitals (neonatal and obgyn departments), obstetricians clinics, and selected pre-schools and childcare centres. We would like to use this calendar as a tool to educate our targeted audience, and remind them that our children are not defined by their diagnosis. For parents who have children with DS, and for parents-to-be who are intending to carry their babies to full term, we hope that this calendar with the stories they tell, will be a source of comfort and inspiration in their journey with their special children.



In support of this calendar project, we - a group of mothers - have decided that for each S$50 donated, one of us will run 5km.  The target is for a total distance of 300km to be covered. The donations collected will be used to pay the printing costs of the calendars and other expenses incurred from the Down syndrome Awareness project. 

Just like running, caring for children with Down syndrome can be a daunting challenge for some individuals. However, we believe that with a community of support and motivation, the journey is do-able! Please support us and donate generously.

Take the label off. See our children as children, and grant them the equity they deserve to succeed and become a meaningful part of the community.


Our runners will keep a log of their runs for this fundraising campaign. All updates can be found at