Running is a Blessing! (I'm running for everyone who can't.)

Running is a Blessing! (I'm running for everyone who can't.)

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I will be doing various runs and marathons for as long as my body allows me to and hope to raise funds for the less fortunate or needy among us.

[Update - 3rd July 2015]: If you are visiting this page because you've read my story from Lianhe Zaobao ZBnow (联合早报 早报现在) on 2nd July 2015, I am concentrating my efforts this year to raise awareness and money for the MS Assistance Fund. If you wish to donate to this program, please visit:

Thank you! ♡

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In 2010, I experienced a severe episode of motor function, proprioception and cognitive function loss which thankfully I recovered from after hospital treatment. I think it was a wake-up call God to never take for granted the fact that I have functional arms and legs that I should put to good use. Initially, I was given the diagnosis that I had a malignant brain tumour but after many of rounds of intensive discussions between neurologists, they came to a conclusion that I was most likely suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

In 2013, the diagnosis was finally confirmed as more brain lesions appeared and I had multiple relapses from time to time. Thankfully, these episodes only compromised me but NEVER disabled me! I attribute this to the fact that I have been actively running and have decided to run for those we can't and dedicate running events to those less fortunate among us.

In July 2013, I signed up as a charity athlete for the Singapore Cancer Society and raised $2188.88 from three races (Race Against Cancer 15km, Army Half Marathon and Great Eastern Women's Half Marathon).

This year, my first challenge was to run the Sundown Full Marathon which i completed successfully (woohoooo!!). For that, I also raised another $3011.12 for the three beneficiaries of my choice!

I will be running the Race Against Cancer 15km run in support of the Singapore Cancer Society. This will mark my 1 year anniversary as a charity athlete for SCS! :)

For the rest of the year, races lined up will include:
1) Tembusu Vertical Marathon (60 storeys)
2) Standard Chartered Full Marathon

Please give generously in support of my movement. Live, laugh, love and never take your functional body for granted because there are many others who wish they had one!