Saanvi my 2 week old baby needs URGENT open Heart Surgery

Saanvi my 2 week old baby needs URGENT open Heart Surgery
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Janagan Alagaraja is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Saanvi was diagnosed with Atrioventricular septal defects (AVSD) and needs urgent open heart surgery. Operation and  post operation costs are currently unknown.

My wife and I are from India and are both professionals working here in Singapore. We have no medi-save and our medical insurance does not cover congenital defects. We have spent all of our savings to have our precious baby here in Singapore, and are unable to pay for this operation without asking for your help and donations. We are a proud and hardworking family, and we would not be asking for your help if we had any other option.

Saanvi's condition is worsening and her breathlessness is slowly increasing, causing us unimaginable worry and stress. 

We are unable to take Saanvi back to India due to the urgent nature of the operation and her condition. Such an operation also needs to be done by a specialist and having this done in Singapore where there is such a high standard of healthcare offers her the best chance for survival and recovery. 

Our whole family is praying for her, and we ask for your thoughts, prayers, and any kind donation to help us get the urgent care we need for our little angel Saanvi.

Contact No: +65 (phone number hidden)