Safely Support Seniors! Help senior citizens age gracefully

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SGD 555.00

raised of SGD 10,000.00 goal

to Allied World Healthcare
Allied World Healthcare is a Founder of the beneficiary.

Hi, and thank you for visiting our campaign page. Our vision is to transform care for senior citizens and improve community-based home care.

We welcome any questions - so please do comment on our page or send us a direct message. 

Every dollar you donate will go directly into supporting elder care services - all of our core costs are covered, and this is to help us scale and support more people.

Singtel is supporting this crowdfunding campaign with a 1-for-1 matching (up to S$10,000) - so every dollar you donate will double!

The situation

Singapore has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world, with single elder households and social isolation increasingly prevalent. This creates significant challenges for the aspirations most seniors have of ageing comfortably at home, as many feel overwhelmed when they navigate the various service offerings.  Existing gaps are not a lack of services but how these services are coordinated - because social and healthcare needs are strongly intertwined, our seniors benefit greatly when people across sectors work in partnership.

Citizens and patient's want to engage comfortably at home with their families close by - but due to the way care services are structured this often isn't the case, but this project looks to change that.

Approximately 8% of the world's population, or 613 million, are aged 65 or over today. This is due to grow to 17%, or 1.6 billion people, by 2050.  With the drastic increase of long term conditions (such as diabetes, cancers, respiratory illness and heart disease) the cost of care is set to spiral - and when demands increase and budgets can't increase, then quality is going to suffer.  

Our vision

To make the elderlies feel comfortable, loved and cared for while being cared at home, with local services coordinated around their needs.

Our solution: pica

pica is the central system for a new and integrated model of care. At its core:

  • Suppliers, organisations and individuals (hospitals, food providers, community organisations etc) can list their services
  • Patients (or a nominated 'Care Plan Owner', such as a clinician or family member) can choose providers for them from a marketplace - enabling better patient choice, especially if paying out-of-pocket
  • These care providers are added to the pica plan, along with the services they offer. These can be dragged onto a calendar to create an integrated care plan
  • All resources (e.g. a nurse, family member) undertaking a task is added to a group chat, including the patient themselves if relevant, for integrated messaging
  • We install a tablet in the senior's home. Every care worker that visits can sign in and see a suitable level of detail about the care plan, and leave notes about their interaction to ensure everyone is kept up to date - and ensuring safe and personalised care is offered
  • New services can be browsed and added at any time

Outside of the system, the care workers including the family members can see the pica plan and interact with it - and all care workers get alerts and updates.

By focusing on a simple, calendar-based and flexible care plan we will integrate new partners - aiming to bring in local food vendors, friends, family, community organisations and a range of other 'non traditional' healthcare providers into an integrated team that serves the patient best - and by embedding the technology in the home everyone can see the same plan and work together.

What are the benefits?

Though pica, we will be able to:

  • Improve patient experience and help them stay at home
  • Integrated family members, giving them insight to the care plan, and helping them work in harmony alongside care providers
  • Support volunteers, via our partners, be fully involved in care to offer more comprehensive support
  • Help 'untraditional' care providers to support seniors, ranging from hawker stalls to community event providers. By having these listings in our system we can help people live comfortable lives like they used to, whilst avoiding expense on more expensive healthcare-centric services
  • Lower cost, by minimising wasted visits and enabling better patient choice across a wider variety of services
  • Better communication, as everyone involved in care can share notes and be part of a group chat - allowing everyone involved to improve their support and tailor it to better-understood patient

Progress and traction

Having started on Singtel Future Makers, we have expanded our existing work to include this project. We have now agreed two launches - one within Alexandra Health System (northern Singapore) and one in Kent, England (South East England). We have built the core platform and rolling out from October onwards.

Within Singapore, we are working with Yishun Community Hospital, National University of Singapore and Lions Befrienders to create our new, integrated community healthcare model.  We are focusing on lower-income seniors that lack access to many services, but want to age comfortably in the community.

Singtel have invested in this project - and have agreed to double any contribution made here (up to $10k) - so every $1 you donate is $2 to our great cause.  We also received an additional grant from the Home Nursing Foundation for this project - but we will be needing more funding in order to reach a lot of Singapore’s elderlies!

We are well on track to deliver this as soon as we can, and are now looking to raise more funds to support more people as our project grows. Every dollar you give will go directly towards pica and creating custom and sustainable home care plans for senior citizens throughout Singapore.

If you want to know more about this, please visit our website,, or contact (email hidden) 

Singtel is supporting this crowdfunding campaign with a 1-for-1 matching (up to S$10,000) as part of the Singtel Future Makers social innovation programme. To find out more about Singtel Future Makers, please visit

Thank you and hope you can help us make a better world for our senior citizens!



More updates coming soon!