Save Ah Mui

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SGD 8,206.00

raised of SGD 8,000.00 goal

to Artsolute Ltd
terence tan is a Work Colleague of the beneficiary.

Dear friends, this is Miss Morakath Meak, also known as Ah Moi,  the 6-year-old daughter of Mr Khim Meak, a traditional puppet artist in Cambodia. She was born with Spina Bifida, a relatively rare defect that caused issues with her lower body development. With limited options in healthcare in Phnom Penh, treatment for the leakage of her spinal fluid caused complications with her kidney as well. While her twin sister Ah Bi now runs around their home, Ah Moi can only ask for her sister’s help in tasks such as getting food or drink. Ah Moi also feels pain once in a while from her body’s inability to process food, which currently comes out from a tube as an interim measure. 

A group of ASEAN puppeteers and their friends then stepped forward to help their colleague to raise enough so Ah Moi and her family could go to a better hospital in Surin, Thailand.  An appointment to replace her kidney with a synthetic one is being scheduled for 16th October 2017 at 8 am. We need your help to raise the USD3,800 necessary for the treatment, and another USD1,500 for additional expenses such as medication for Ah Moi, as well as travel and food for the family as they accompany Ah Moi through the procedures, which more or less equivalent to SGD 8000.

Ah Moi is a wonderful girl, creative, with a very strong heart. She has brought many of us and our friends together to provide her with a better future, and we hope you will join our efforts too.

All donations will be channel towards Ah Moi’s treatment, and we have only limited time to raise this amount. 

Do be so kind to donate or share this campaign with your friends to help her.

No amount is too small to help a little sweetie like Ah Moi.