Save mommy and baby

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This movement has ended successfully

SGD 134,185.30

raised of SGD 150,000.00 goal

Walter Wal is a Family member of the beneficiary.

My name is Walter, and together with my wife, Liezl, we've been working in Singapore and just got married  for more than 1 year, and yes, we're both from Philippines. 

On the 2nd of July, Liezl suddenly sustained hemorrhagic stroke which prompted her emergency operation on the head called craniotomy, and she was sent to Changi General Hospital to immediately save her life.

Liezl is also currently pregnant with our first baby, now on 17th weeks of gestation makes her case more complicated.  

Since her case is quite complicated, she's been transferred to Singapore General Hospital, and currently being cared at the neuroscience intensive care unit.

So far, for both hospitals, we've accumulated up to $31k of medical fees, which the hospitals are chasing us.

Moving forward, the next surgery is to remove the veins that causes Liezl stroke and if not remove soon enough, she'll not be able to survive. The coming surgery will cost us about $110k to $120k as told by the hospital, and without paying the bills, we're unable to proceed.

Having no permanent residency in Singapore, we do not have any medical subsidy, and of course no deductions on hospital bills.

We therefore appeal to everyone for any generous help you may extend to us for the very expensive hospital bills of the Liezl. We also solicit for your prayers for  a miraculous healing power to pour upon Liezl.

In total, we would like to seek help for your generous donations of $150k.

 Again we are humbly knocking at your generous  hearts for help and please let's continue to include Liezl and our baby in our prayers..  Thank you very much.. 

"Every Little thing helps"