Save My Husband Morgan

Save My Husband Morgan

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Paulina Krzysztoszek is a Founder of the beneficiary.

My name is Paulina and I’m seeing your kind help to save my husband, Morgan.

We are both middle class young professionals in our late 20’s and have been saving for a few years for a fun, adventurous and relaxing two week vacation in Asia.

All had been well for us when we came into Singapore on 17th May 2017 from Malaysia, which we intend to stay in Singapore for 4 days only. It was on our second day in Singapore, 18th May 2017 when Morgan began to have trouble breathing. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and I knew something was seriously wrong, as Morgan doesn’t smoke nor drink excessively. I’ve never seen Morgan like this, and immediately, we called an ambulance and he was admitted into Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which became our new home.

It has now been almost 4 months since Morgan has been in and out of ICU fighting a severe lung condition. He is coherent most of the time and is able to listen and understand, however, he is unable to speak due to the ventilator and tracheostomy, so he communicates by writing. He has a red clipboard and pen by his bedside at all times. I’ve been dedicated to his recovery and has been by his bedside every day for the last months, sitting at the edge of his bed hoping for miracle to happen and hoping for the best.


Our insurance claim was declined as it was determined that the lung condition was pre-existing, even though Morgan had never been diagnosed with it. The only real upside in this situation is that we are lucky that this happened in Singapore, a country with excellent healthcare, however, it comes at a very high cost. We are grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses at Tan Tock Seng Hospital but our goal is to get Morgan back to England and have him treated there to reduce medical expenses. 

Our current outstanding bill was (as at 30th of August 2017 it was S$217,000) and as each day passes, the bill gets higher and higher. Currently Morgan is not fit to fly by commercial airline with medical evacuation team due to need of mechanical ventilation and pneumothorax. We have to wait for Morgan to wean off the ventilator to start any arrangement of taking him back to England. The cost ranges from S$40,000 to S$85,000, depending on Morgan's condition and fitness, as well as requirements for his safe transport.

My priority right now is getting Morgan off the ventilator and release the burden of paying for the medical expenses which might hit $300,000 if Morgan is unfit to fly back home.

I’m seeking your kind help to donate to Morgan’s medical expenses, and all the donations for this campaign will be paid directly to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and will not go into our account.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart, and God bless your kind soul.

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 6,500.00 from other sources.