Save the Orphan Baby Kittens

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SGD 25,898.60

raised of SGD 30,000.00 goal

to The Cat Museum
The Cat Museum is a Founder of the beneficiary.

The orphan cats & kittens up for adoption & living at the Lion City Kitty founder's residence will soon be homeless. Minister (National Development), Mr. Lawrence Wong, has rejected the appeal to continue to allow visitors of The Cat Museum to meet and adopt the orphan cats.

The Cat Museum, an entirely volunteer run project, undertaken with the founder's personal savings, was launched officially by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law on 9 January 2015.

As the Museum will continue to operate from only one floor, volunteers are scrambling to get the orphans re-homed or relocated and this lack of space will sadly also mark the end of Singapore's only Mama & Munchkins Nursery,
set-up to save the lives of neo-natal babies that no other Animal Welfare Organization takes in.

"The nursery was first set up in December 2016 when we realized no organization took in orphaned babies that had to be bottle fed every 3 hours and that mama cats were often dumped back on the streets while their babies
taken away & re-homed,  so we jumped in to fill this gap" says the founder, Jessica Seet. 

They will be moved to a temporary home & we hope to be back soon. "While MND's actions are extremely disappointing, this is not the end of The Cat Museum and we need the public to help us continue to save the strays of Singapore and end their suffering on the streets. Our mission of 'Sharing Love, Saving Lives' has seen the support of over 50,000 visitors from around the world who learn all about cats, the Singapore Hiss-story, stories from around the world and more. 300 strays have found homes and nothing is going to stop us now." says Jessica.

The plan is threefold:

a) to find a new permanent home for the Museum in 2018;

b) to have a larger and even better equipped nursery and

c) to set up a proper infrastructure in Singapore for better education & training in Cat Adoption.

More updates coming soon!