Saving A Stage 4 Cancer Boy

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LEE JIH FANG is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Most 5-year old boy should be feeling happy and enjoying the magical times in their carefree life, but that’s not the case for my son, Zhen Xi. We've spent more than SGD 230K (MYR 715K) so far on Zhen Xi's treatment and his current treatment will cost SGD 300K (MYR 933K) which we are trying to fundraise. Please donate any amount you can in order for Zhen Xi to live.

ZhenXi was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 Cancer in 2016, classified under the high risk group, with a large tumour of about 12cam growth on his abdomen, spreading to his lymph, liver, bone and his bone marrows

Neuroblastoma is a vicious cancer that forms in our nerve tissues, and usually starts from one of the adrenal glands, with possibility of developing to the neck, chest, abdomen and spine.

When Zhen Xi was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, we did as what parents should do, and admit him to KK Hospital in Singapore. The doctors advised us to let Zhen Xi go through the N7 protocol chemotherapy, and surgery to remove the tumour. The follow-up after the surgery, Zhen Xi has to go through a series of high dosage of chemotherapy to kill the remaining cancer cells in the body, then he can proceed with his stem cells transplant with radiotherapy after for another 30 session. 

I totally cannot imagine the pain for a 5-year old will be going through, but he’s a strong boy, and he even comforted us saying he will be alright. Finally, on August 2016, Zhen Xi completed his cycles of chemotherapy, and was glad to know that his tumour size has reduced to 3cm, so he can proceed with his surgery, which the doctors at KK Hospital has scheduled a date.

Due to the oncoming financial burden and the pain of seeing what Zhen Xi going through, as parents, we decided not to let him go through the knife, but we provide him with nutritional immunology products to help boost his immune system to fight the cancer.

As we’re not Singaporeans, all the medical treatment fees are not subsidized, but we seek doctor’s opinion to observe him and continue to let Zhen Xi consume nutritional immunology products. Doctor understand our financial situation, but wanted us to come back if required.

As we continue to observe Zhen Xi after discharged from KK Hospital, we’re quite happy to find out that the tumour size had reduced and Zhen Xi’s condition is stable. However, the happiness didn’t last long. 

March 2017, we sent Zhen Xi for MRI Scan, and results shown that not only the tumour had grown bigger, the cancer cells has since spread to his iliac bone too! We have to admit Zhen Xi to the hospital again, but was told by the doctor that Zhen Xi have to start his chemotherapy all over again.

Unfortunately, this time round, his body did not react to the chemotherapy, and was advise to put him on a higher dosage and stronger treatment. 

We’ve spent more than SGD 230K (MYR 715K) so far for Zhen Xi’s treatment. The current treatment for him will cost additional SGD 300K (MYR 933K), which we are trying to find ways to seek help in order for Zhen Xi to live.

We are seeking help from the kind donors, and especially those who have children, please help to spare a thought and help us.

No amount is too small and we truly thank you from the bottom of our heart.