Saving A Stranger Named Sebastian Tan

Saving A Stranger Named Sebastian Tan

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Sherwin Lee is a Friend of the beneficiary.

Hi there,

This campaign to help a friend of mine named Sebastian Tan.

My name is Sherwin and I am starting this campaign to this good friend of mine.

Many of you would have remembered a couple years ago, there was this article by The Straits Times, about a cancer-stricken head chef from Strangers' Reunion, a cafe in Kampong Bahru.

Sebastian Tan, who is just turning 28 this year, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, 2 years ago, and he has cancerous tumors in his lungs, brain, spine and bones. Sebastian is the oldest child in his family as well as the main contributor to his family's income. This illness has taken a lot out of his life, including his ability to work as a chef which is a physically taxing job and requires long working hours.

Sebastian is Malaysian, and unlike us Singaporeans, he does not have any subsidies or government bodies to aid him with hospitalization bills, so he has to bear the full treatment cost of all the treatment he is receiving. Also, he has not bought any personal insurance for himself before. Despite help from the"Save A Stranger" fundraising campaign, which Strangers' Reunion did, he still faces financial difficulties whilst going through radiotherapy for his cancer, as well as his living expenses. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatment sessions are very costly and he has not been able to go for treatment constantly due to the high costs.

Till date, he is still undergoing radiotherapy and is about to start on trying a trial drug.

I met Sebastian through the game of basketball, where we played for M.O.B basketball club. He was always the smallest sized guy in the court but that did not stop him from being the most tenacious, energetic and competitive guy on the court. Needless to say, many of us in the ball club was shocked when we heard the news of what has happened and we immediately tried and all chipped in as much as we could to help out. Strangers' Reunion ( the cafe that he works at) helped out too by organising a charity drive where the profits would go to helping Sebastian out with the treatment costs. It hurts us to see how life can change drastically for him overnight, many of us dread the day that we are not able to do the things we love anymore, this fear became a reality for my dear friend.

Sebastian has always been a fighter, both on and off the court, and this illness has made him even stronger than ever, however, he would really need a lot of help financially to even try and move forward in life. Whenever we check on how he is doing, he would always reply with a smile, saying "I'm fine!". 

Even with all the help, he is getting, it is still insufficient in helping him make improvements in his condition, which is why I have resorted to this platform in order to help raise more funds to help him. As a team, we have been behind him all the way, supporting in any way we can, however, there is so much that we can contribute financially, hence, we would really need the support of everyone we can get.

Our greatest wish now is for Sebastian to be as positive as possible in order to get through this ordeal the best way he can.

We would really appreciate all the help rendered and any amount would be great.

Thank you.

More updates coming soon!