SIS Boys Team 1

SIS Boys Team 1

HKD 7,025.00

raised by 11 people

Slavery is an ongoing problem in our world with no signs of the problem diminishing. Existing in many forms, including forced and bonded labour, sex trade, debt bondage, and domestic servitude, the number of slaves worldwide has increased to an astronomical number of 35 million, and among them, 26% are children under the age of 18. Slavery traps many families in poverty, reducing the chances of ever receiving education or proper health care. Despite being illegal in many places worldwide, slavery is still being carried out in secret, making it difficult to identify and expose. The 24 hour race is an event aiming to battle this issue through advocating freedom in the world ridden with slavery. Through working with organisations such as Suka Society and Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, the 24 hour race has made significant impacts on many families. This year, 4 teams of 8 people from Singapore International School hope to inspire change by raising awareness and funds to support anti-slavery organisations. The members of Team 3 include:

  • Aiken Tong
  • Alexander See
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Terrick Wong
  • Nathan Wang
  • Sphere Lin
  • Nelson Yeung
  • Adrian Lee

We hope that through your generous and kind donations, we will be able to make a global change against human trafficking and impact many lives by returning their freedom and dignity. 

Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 7,000.00 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!