Support dementia caregivers in their long journey of caring

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SGD 410.00

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to Project We Forgot
Project We Forgot is a Founder of the beneficiary.

What does it mean to lose someone on a daily basis, juggle all of life’s responsibilities, and provide care for the person that you see slowly slipping away?

Jenny is an executive at a multinational company who recently shared with us her experience in caring for her father with dementia:

"When my father was diagnosed with dementia, I was at a loss. I wasn't sure what I needed to know first or where to start searching. It felt like an uphill battle that we were fighting... On one hand, I was trying to come to terms with my father's diagnosis and helping him cope too, and on the other, I was scrambling to find the right information - all of these while trying to stay engaged at work and have time for my two children."

1 in 10 people above the age of 60 are diagnosed with dementia, and supporting each of them are 1 or more middle-age family caregivers like Jenny balancing a career, kids, and personal growth. In many cases, this is us.

  • Caregivers like Jenny need communities of support that understand dementia to which they can turn to when caring for dad is tough.
  • Caregivers like Jenny need access to a range of dementia-friendly activities that suit dad’s particular personality and interests.
  • Caregivers like Jenny need care information and options at their fingertips so they can provide the best care without spending hours poring over Google and obscure books.

Project We Forgot is a digital support community for caregivers to persons with dementia.

We have a network of over 3000 caregivers globally and are supported by leading social sector organisations both locally and globally. Our work showcases caregiver stories and provides a space for caregivers to share and reflect.

With your help, Project We Forgot will be able to fund development of our social network, activities marketplace, and smart concierge to further support caregivers like Jenny. With a successful fundraiser, we will be able to launch our social network in late 2017. We plan to launch the activities marketplace in mid 2018, and smart concierge by late 2018.

Our campaign target is $20,000, and Singtel has kindly offered to MATCH the amount you donate (up to S$10,000)! For every dollar you give, your contribution DOUBLES. Please join us in supporting family caregivers - our incredible, invaluable heroes at home.

Please help us share this campaign with family and friends across your networks on Facebook and Whatsapp! Thank you for your support and we wish you the best of health and happiness.

Find out more about Project We Forgot at

Singtel is supporting this crowdfunding campaign with a 1-for-1 matching (up to S$10,000) as part of the Singtel Future Makers social innovation programme. To find out more about Singtel Future Makers, please visit

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