Our Chicken Story- Give a chicken, feed a family

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This movement has ended successfully

SGD 6,375.00

raised by 106 people

Caleb Giam Yew Tong is a Founder of the beneficiary.

Dear readers,

We will use this platform to you the heart of Our Chicken Story. For more information of Our Chicken Story and it's execution plan, please visit https://www.facebook.com/OurChickenStory/ or refer to the simple infographics above. 

Our Chicken Story is a for-purpose non-profit organisation created with the aim to feed the hungry.  This is a journey of faith and we are excited to witness the miracles that lie ahead of us. These are the various miracles that we have witnessed the past 3 months, and are testimony of more that is to come:

1. Being able to link up with our partners in Chiangmai (A pair of South African Couple who are in their 70s). They are people who love the Thais and partners whom we could trust.

2. Winning the #SOImpact pitch that was really something unexpected, as we were lacking in many areas. 

3. Being featured by The Straits Times. 

Here are why we are doing this: 

1. Love. Driven by our Christian Faith and we hope to extend God's love for us to this group of people whom our hearts burn for. 

2. Partnership. We are not "helping" these people by just simply giving, but we aim to extend an invitation to partner them as equals, because they are of tremendous potential, resilience and worth. 

3. Worth. We are doing this because we believe that a man gains nothing even if he gains the entire world and its riches, yet loses his soul. We believe that one man's soul is more precious than the riches of the whole world. This is something we wish to do- to swap the price tags back to where it should be.

4. Empowerment. We are here to empower the overseas villagers. We hope that they would be empowered and inspired to extend the same helping hand as we did for them, to other villages in need.  We will support them any efforts they might undertake to feed their neighbouring villages. Our Chicken Story is a story that belongs to all. 

5. Stewardship. Because its a privilege to do so! If you are here because you read the news article, do know that we are merely stewards of this project. We do not wish for the focus of the attention to be on us, but on these people. We hope that this platform can be used to gain partnership and resources that are suitable, and we will do it for the love of our overseas friends. 

With Love, 

Our Chicken Story Family