Voices For Animals

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SGD 6,810.20

raised of SGD 50,000.00 goal

Voices For Animals is a Founder of the beneficiary.

Voices For Animals is a registered Animal welfare group, we rescued animals that were retired from breeding farms, abandoned by owners, pets that were given up, bailed surrendered animals from our local pound, those animals that are currently under our care are dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, chicken, mice, quail and birds. 

These rescued animals often comes with medical attention and our group has never stinge on any medical needs that's required by any of our rescued animals.

Over the years, we have accumulated a huge amount of medical bills that are used for medical needs for the rescued animals. Every week, we will have at least 1-2 animals that require treatment from the vet, ranges from skin issues, organ failures, old age, etc.

Your donation not only help us with the medical bills, it also will help us to continue to help more animals. VFA is fully run by volunteers and non of them are paid because for their love of animals, hence all your donations will goes towards the animals in need; especially for their medical needs, food, general maintainance, cremations, pet transports, and lastly one full time staff that helps us in taking care of all the animals in the kennel.

Please support our cause and it will allow us to grow and help more defenseless animals out there.

Thank you!

More updates coming soon!