Xavier's Mission for OneSky

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HKD 84,660.43

raised of HKD 70,000.00 goal

Xavier Hussey is a Volunteer of the beneficiary.

I have never seen any children who are fundamentally different to me. I have a perfectly formed body.  I have a cheeky but inquisitive mind.  I can take care of myself and think independently.  I have a sense of humor and endless energy.  I am pretty awesome, even if I say so myself !!

I have never seen any children who live differently from me. I have schools to go to, friends to play with, toys to keep me happy, books to fill my mind, food to feed my body.  I have parents, grandparents and a brother and a sister to love me no matter what.  I have a pretty good life.

I have never seen nor know any children who don’t have a school to go to, food to eat, toys and friends to play with, parents to love them; that changed two years ago in 2015 when I was first introduced to ‘Half the Sky', which is now called ‘One Sky’.   It was an eye-opening experience for me because it was the first time I saw little babies and children who don't have a home of their own.  

I could not imagine the lives of these children, orphans from birth. Some of them have physical disabilities and some have mental disabilities. They were left on their own until ‘One Sky’ stepped in and offered them a home to stay in and food to eat.  But that is NOT all they need.  Children need to learn, to be stimulated and to be loved. I know that because I am a child too and I want to learn, to play and to be loved.

My Uncle Jimmy suffered from autism and passed away a couple years ago. I was fortunate to have the chance to spend his last year with him. He stayed in a boarding house where kind people (they are called social workers) looked after him. Mom and I would go to the boarding house on those Sundays when I didn’t have much homework or tests to study for to visit Uncle Jimmy.  It was during these visits that I learned how to take care of Uncle Jimmy - I fed and cleaned his mouth; I held his hand when he was not happy and I made him laugh by making funny faces. Although Uncle Jimmy could not express himself through words but his smiles said it all - he wanted love.

It is no longer only little girls who are being abandoned in China, children with special needs (physical and mental disabilities) are making up the numbers of children left with no homes, no families too.  In addition to providing them a place to stay and food to eat, ‘One Sky’ knew that was not enough. These special needs children need special care and attention. That was when they started to provide proper training to nannies in the orphanage. These training programs include the Happy Family Program, Infant Nurture Program for Nanny and Preschool Program for teachers.

The Story of ‘Juan Juan’ (https://onesky.org/juanjuans-miracle/?lang=en) makes me believe that if proper care is given to these children, they would blossom, just like me.

Last year, I was not able to participate in the charity hike because I was crazily busy with my upcoming exam. But this year, I have the time to participate and I have this burning desire to do what I can to make a difference for these children so they can have a better life, like me.    I want to make this yearly charity hike as part of my life mission. 

As I had learned, “施比受更有福 “, it means having the privilege to give is far more of a blessing than to have the luxury to receive.  

This year, I  aim to break both of my last records in 2015. I want to challenge myself to do the 10.5 km hike (I did the 7.7 km before) and I want to raise HK$70,000 (I raised $35,000 before).  In order for me to achieve my goal, I need your help and support. As the Chinese would say, “你出錢,我出力。"  

ALL THE CHILDREN in this world are under ONE SKY so they should also have the privileges that I have and my friends have - to be loved, to be educated and to live a happy life.  

Watch the interview with Founder & CEO of Half the Sky Foundation Jenny Bowen to learn more about the organisation!

二零一五年,在一個偶然的機會裏,我認識了一個慈善機構 -「同一片天」。從機構的理念, 我明白到原來世上有很多跟我不同的小孩子。


從小我就以為全世界的小孩子都像我一樣,過着無憂無慮丶幸福快樂的童年。但現實卻不像我心目中那麼完美。原來,很多小孩子一出世就失去父母,沒有家庭, 甚至有些小孩沒有健全的身體,有些還有智能障礙。他們都需要住在孤兒院,過著孤單的生活。

在我成長的過程中,我慢慢開始體驗到幸福真的不是必然的,選擇的權利也不是必然的。我的子賢舅父 ,是一個智障人士。雖然我認識他的日子不長,探望他的日子中,我學會怎樣去照顧他:餵他吃飯丶幫他擦嘴巴丶跟他一起在公園玩丶做鬼臉逗他笑⋯⋯雖然他不能用言語表達他的心情,但他的笑容讓我知道, 他其實跟我一樣,希望別人給他一份愛,一份關懷。雖然他已經離開了我,但他永遠都在我心中活着。


我很快就踏入十一歲,不再是兒童了!我訂立人生第一個目標,就是希望能付出我一點的力量。那些孤兒不但失去父母和溫暖的家庭,也失去他們應有的權利,他們在沒有選擇下,要面對孤單和痛楚, 我希望去為這些孤兒爭取他們應有的權益, 為他們的成長過程出一分力,為他們的將來畫出美麗的彩虹。因為廣闊的天空是屬於我們每一個人的。